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Your Company Name & STAM Multimedia Inc.

Your Company Name is partnering with STAM Multimedia Inc. is offering Web Based Training (WBT) courses on the latest security technology.

Key Features
" Learn at your own pace, place, & time. 24/7 access
" Comprehensive and complete.
" Interactive Audio Visual training content
" Online post test and online certification
" Download course notes as reference

Course Catalog
Currently four different web based training courses are available covering the latest security technology. Click the links in the left hand panel to review the course details.

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Once you are ready, click the order form to place your order.

Log On
After the order has been processed, STAM will email you an ID + Password to log on to the course. Please use Log On button only after the order has been processed

Other Links
The site has many interesting CCTV articles, calculators, glossary and quizzes. Please have a look at them.

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