Fiber Optics Technology Online Training Course

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Course Objectives

  1. You will get a good overview and understand Fiber Optics technology including concepts, terminologies used, parameters and key features.

  2. You will learn about the different hardware devices used in a fiber optics system including the different types of cables and their applications.

  3. You will understand the installation process including cabling, splicing, connectors and test equipment.

  4. You will get to know some key fiber optics applications

Course Methodology

Self paced online training with interactive audiovisual content including animations and product simulations. Pre test, quizzes and also a post-test. You can also collaborate with other students through discussion forums and maintain e-mail contact with instructors.

  • End Users, Installers/Dealers and System Integrators
  • Sales, Suppliers and Consultants
  • Technical and Non-Technical people
  • Existing and New staff

  •  Certification

    Testing Program

    The Online Training Course has a Post-Test with 20 random questions. An online certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test.


    A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test. This certificate is recognized by the following associations:

    Course Approved by

     ASIS: Recertification - 6 hours,
    ESA*: 6 hours
    ALOA: PRP Recertification - 1 points
    NSCA: 4.5 Learning Units
    New Jersey State CEU**: 6 hours TECES-13(65)C004
    BISCI: Event ID OV‐STAM‐NJ‐0614‐5, CEC: 5
    Approved by Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board

    * This course is Compliant with Electronic Security Association (ESA) for Continuing Education credits.
    ** After completing the course, please contact STAM to receive your certificate which is compliant with the NJ state for Continuing Education


    PRICE: $165 for a single user license for 30 days. During the license period, you can log in from any computer to complete the course at your own pace and time.

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    While ordering, if you choose multiple courses, you will get the following discounts.


    Course Outline

    • What is light?
    • Refraction
    • Total Reflection
    • Fiber optics construction

    • Numeral Aperture
    • Multimode and Single mode
    • Decibels and attenuation in different devices
    • Calculation of power loss
    • Bandwidth concepts
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

    • Construction
    • Tight buffered, Loose Tube and Ribbon
    • Cable Diameters

    • LED and LD light sources
    • Optical Detectors
    • Transmitters, Receivers and Multiplexers
    • Different Couplers
    • Optical Switch

    • Fusion and Mechanical splicing
    • Connectors
    • Cabling
    • Power meters
    • Optical Tim e Domain Reflectometers (OTDR)

    • CCTV
    • Network
    • Telephony

    PARA GONELE from AOL It easy to navigate and educational: The course is very good and easy to navigate. It’s nice to be able to take courses on the internet. I run an electrical company and my time is limited.

    I think every installer and sales person of Fiber Optics should take this course. This is a great course for anyone, no matter what your experience with Fiber Optics. I recommend it to everyone.

    HARRIS.R from
    Good starting point! This was a useful tool to gain a better understanding of the industry and preparation for utilizing Fiber Optics.

    Security Hubs
    The course was very informative: Excellent course it really helped me to improve my knowledge. The concepts bandwidth and technology was a great help.

    MPPERES from SECURITECH Very Good! Complete and Innovative: All the specs about Fiber Optics components and theory are revised, and all the topics about new technologies that are overcoming Networks are covered.

    Josh from Microsoft Good overview of Installation process!! Many areas I thought I understood until taking this course, as well as some that I had forgotten. This course also was an excellent review. Good brush up course on the basics of all aspects of a Fiber Optics system.

    Q. Does one have to complete the Online Training course in one sitting?
    A: No. The total work you need to put n is 16 hours and this can be completed in 60 days in batches that suit your needs. You get a license for 60 days, if you purchase the combined CTV and Digital Video courses.

    Q. Do I have unlimited access to the Online Training course for the duration of the license period?
    A: Yes. During this time you can log in and log out as many times you wish.

    Q. Can I buy one license and share it with my colleagues?
    A: No, sharing of the user license with anyone else is prohibited. Each user must have a separate license.

    Q. Do I need to buy software to run your online training course in my computer?
    A: No, you just need to have a minimum speed of 56 Kbps Internet connection

    Q. What are the system requirements to run your course?
    A: Minimum screen resolution 1024 ,PC with speakers or headphone and minimum 56 Kbps Internet connection

    Q. Can I do the course from my office and home computer?
    A: Yes, in fact you can use it from any computer; just use your ID + Password to log in.

    Q. Do I get a certificate?
    A: Yes, you get the certificate of completion if you meet the requirements mentioned in this page.

    Q. Does this course come with course notes?
    A: Yes. After you complete the purchase, you will be provided with a link to download the course notes that you can keep as reference.