ASIS Order Form for Web Based Training (WBT) Courses

These Web Based Training (WBT) courses are being offered in partnership with STAM Interactive Solutions Inc (, the developers of these courses. STAM Interactive Solutions Inc. will process this order.

You can order online or offline

Online Order
1. Select the course and enter the student’s details in the ‘Contact Details’ section. Please make a note of your User Name and Password.
2. For payment, select the Credit Card option.
3. In the ‘Enter Credit Card Details’ section, fill the card details and click Submit. The payment will be processed by Paypal Payment system.
4. Once the order is processed, you can start the course immediately by logging in (Click on the ‘Log On’ button in the LHS panel) and clicking on the course link under ‘My Courses’.

Offline Order
1. Print the order form and mail or fax it to STAM for processing.  Click Here to Download Order Form.
2. STAM will process order and email the user link.

ASIS Members
ASIS Members get 10% discount. Please enter your ASIS Membership Number
Non ASIS Members
Click the ‘No’ check box and proceed.

While ordering, if you choose multiple courses, you will get the following discounts.

Note: If you purchase multiple courses, the license duration for each course will commence only when you start the online course for the first time. This way you can avail of the discount structure by purchasing multiple courses.

In the online order form this discount is calculated automatically.