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Biometrics Technology


  1. You will understand the latest Biometric technology including the definition, terminologies used, parameters and basic features
  2. You will learn the principle, process, hardware used and issues for the different biometric methods like finger, facial, iris, voice, hand and retina.
  3. You will get to know the different biometric applications.

CONTENT : 4 hours of web based training plus download course notes plus online testing and certification

PRICE: $ 125 per person. You get a single user license for 30 days.

CCTV + Digital Video + Fiber Optics: $ 395 (Save $ 100). License Period: 75 days
CCTV + Digital Video + Fiber Optics + Biometrics: $ 485 (Save $ 135). License Period: 90 days

For Bulk License purchase, contact Your Company Name for special prices.

How to Order? It is simple. Complete the purchase process and you will get a link to start the course. Order the WBT


Unbiased, self paced web based training with interactive audiovisual content including animations and product simulations.

FOR WHOM : Basic to Intermediate Level

End Users, Installers/Dealers, Suppliers   and Specifiers.
Technical and Non-Technical people
Existing and New staff


56 Kbps Internet connection (minimum)
PC with speakers


For T1/DSL/Cable/ISDN connection Click here
For 56 Kbps connection 

TESTING : The WBT has a Post-Test with 24 random questions. A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post test.



To track students test results, STAM can create a Test Result Database with an Admin page for the manager. This way the student can complete the WBT anywhere, but the results will be stored and tracked from a central database. This will provide many benefits. To view a database click here and use Company ID: Sample.

STAM can create this database FREE if the numbers of registrations are 10 or more.




Traditional vs. Biometric system
Definition of Biometric
Difference between Identification and Verification
Biometric process; enrollment and verification
Biometric parameters like FRR, FNMR, FAR, FMR, FTE and EER
Different biometric system architecture
Different biometric standards

Finger Scan
Principle of fingerprint technology
How the fingerprint process works
Different fingerprint hardware devices
Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Facial Scan
Principle of facial scan technology
How the facial scan process works
Different technologies used in facial scan
Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Iris Scan
Principle of iris scan technology
How the iris scan process works
Different hardware devices used in iris scan
Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Voice Scan
Principle of Voice scan technology
How the voice scan process works
Different voice scan configurations
Advantages and disadvantages of the technology

Other Biometric systems
Retina scan
Hand scan

Different biometric application
Very Detailed Content. Good Quality
Very Detailed. Good content. Timed well. Test should be made printable after completion with answers for future review
Very informative
I started with only a small amount of information about Biometric devices. After completing the course, I can now easily see how they are integrated into acess control systems. The course (and course notes) were arranged very nicely, an improvement over time.
A good study guide
Well constructed course. Study notes are a plus point. I now have a good grounding on biometrics
Very useful and needed
I enjoyed the course. It is very well-prepared, effective and efficient.
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