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Your Company Name Order Form for Web Based Training (WBT) Courses

Your Company Name is offering these WBT courses in partnership with STAM Multimedia Inc, the developers of the web based training courses. The ordering process steps are:

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Fill in the order form and click the Submit button

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STAM will process the order and send the student/s an email with the user link to start the web based training courses.

Yes, I wish to order the following web based training courses

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  Digital Video and Networking WBT Course
  CCTV - A Complete Review WBT Course
  Fiber Optics Technology WBT Course
  Biometric Technology WBT Course
  Combined CCTV + Digital Video course (Save $ 45)
  Combined CCTV + Digital Video + Fiber Optics course (Save $ 100)
Combined CCTV + DVN + Fiber + Biometrics: $ 485 (save $ 135).
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