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CCTV - A Complete Review


  1. You will learn how a CCTV system works, including the principle, types, features, how to choose, installation and trouble shooting for each CCTV components like cameras, lenses, switchers, transmission systems, monitors, CCTV accessories and recording systems.
  2. You will get a step-by-step understanding of the CCTV installation process including mounting of equipment, cabling, testing & commissioning and maintenance.
  3. You will understand the CCTV system design process including CCTV survey and various CCTV applications.

Note: The Digital concepts used in CCTV is covered in the Digital video and Networking WBT

CONTENT: 16 hours of web based training, downloadable course notes, online testing and certification plus CEU Credits.

CEU Number:  02-1029 (approved by NBFAA)            CEU Credits: 0.8

SPECIAL SALE PRICE*: $ 225 for a single user license for 60 days.

CCTV + Digital Video: $ 325 (Save $ 45). License Period: 60 days
CCTV + Digital Video + Fiber Optics: $ 395 (Save $ 100). License Period: 75 days
CCTV + Digital Video + Fiber Optics + Biometrics: $ 485 (Save $ 135). License Period: 90 days

For Bulk License purchase, contact Your Company Name for special prices.

How to Order? It is simple. Complete the purchase process and you will get a link to start the course. Order the WBT


Self paced web based training with interactive audiovisual content including animations and product simulations. Pre test, quizzes and post test. Collaborate with other students through discussion forums and email contact with instructors.

FOR WHOM: Basic to Intermediate Level

End Users, Installers/Dealers, Suppliers and Specifiers.
Technical and Non-Technical people
Existing and New staff


56 Kbps Internet connection (minimum)
PC with speakers


Download the zipped tour (Size 3 MB ). Unzip it, xtract it and view it on your PC. Click Here

If you wish you could view a slide show with diffrent screen grabs from the WBT. Click Here - DSL/Cable Modem required

The WBT has the following testing modules

Pre-Test : 24 questions
Quizzes : 30 short quizzes all through the WBT
Post-Test : 30 random questions from a question databank

A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post test.

Principles picture formation
Types of CCD cameras
Important camera features, like sensitivity, resolution etc.
Different types & sizes of CCD chips
Lighting and camera response
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting
Choosing cameras

Construction of lenses
Types of lenses
Features of lenses including focal length, F Stop, Depth of field etc.
Different lens sizes and formats
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting
Choosing Lenses

CCTV Accessories
Types, features and applications of Pan Tilt Heads
Type and features of housings
Infrared Illuminators
Choosing of CCTV Accessories
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Transmission Systems
Video transmission including coaxial cable, Fiber Optics. Telephone networks
Different methods for transmission of control signal
Power transmission systems
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Switching systems
Principle and features of different types of switchers
Multiplexers, quads, & matrix switchers

Different types and important features of monitors
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Recording systems
Different type of recording systems
Adjustments, precautions and trouble shooting

Other CCTV devices 
Video Motion Detectors
Video amplifiers etc.

CCTV System Design process
Different design debates and design trends
How to choose the different CCTV components
How to conduct a CCTV survey

CCTV Installation process
Cabling, equipment mounting
Testing, commissioning and maintenance
Operator Training & Manuals
CCTV Tools

CCTV Applications
- Security, Monitoring, Process Control,
- Audio/Video Communications, Medical, Robotics

It was interesting
I was expecting the course to be good , but I have never expected that it would be that good , I think that it is recommended for every knowledge seeker, I hope you enjoy it as I did.
Easy to navigate and educational.
The course is very good and easy to navigate. Its nice to be able to take courses on the internet. I run an electrical company and my time is limited.
Good overview of all components of a CCTV system
Many areas I thought I understood until taking this course, as well as some that I had forgotten. This course also was an excellent review. Good brush up course on the basics of all aspects of a CCTV system.
Excellent review and information update.
Thoroughly enjoyed this review. Found it to be both stimulating and challenging. Excellent review and update.
I think every installer and sales person of CCTV should take this course.
This is a great course for anyone, no matter what your experience with CCTV is. I recommend it to everyone.
Packed full of good every day information a person can use .
Overall the course is well designed and full of useful information, however I encountered navigation problems from the start and had them right up to the end when I had trouble determining if I needed to do something more to receive a certificate.
Great course, highly recommended!!!
Great course, highly recommended!!!
user friendly .
The WBT was easy to navigate. And Picures and meaning of terminologies help a great deal in the WBT
A Necessary resource to contend with advances in CCTV methodology today
Offers an accessible platform from which to enhance knowledge and skill in the field of CCTV, in a medium that is suitable and ideal for learning and information exchange in a globalised environment.
Good starting point!
This was a usefeul tool to gain a better understanding of the industry and preparation for utilizing CCTV.
The course was very informative.
The course was very informative. It gave me a good base for understanding both CCTV and Digital systems. It confirmed what I already knew and provided new information.
Very Good! Complete and Inovative
All the specs about CCTV components and theory are revised, and all the topics about new technologies that are overcoming digital and Networks are covered. Highly recommended.
The course was very informative, a good place to start.
I would recommend this as a starting point for information on CCTV or Digital Video. The information you give is very good and the course interaction is nice.
Good material to acquire full knowledge of the topic
Very complete information, well linked because it gives a full understanding of every topic. The audio is not very clear sometimes and it makes learning a little bit difficult for non-English speakers
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